Jump Start After School Programs 


Our Vision

To see underserved children in the Sacramento region discover and live out their calling.

Our Mission

To surround underserved kids with caring individuals who will support and champion a brighter future for them and their community.

Goals of Jump Start

New Hope Community Development Corporation (NHCDC) partners with schools, churches, businesses and other community partners to offer Jump Start after school programs. The programs provide support, mentoring and enrichment/recreational activities for school-aged children at low or no cost to families.

A Need for After School Programs

Sacramento County has a great need for free and affordable after school programs. Seventy-six percent of Sacramento families seek after school care because the parents are working, looking for work (22%), or attending school/job training (11%). If the cost of after school care exceeds a certain amount of a family’s income, the purpose for working can be seen as a liability for that family (Sacramento County Children’s Report Card, 2008). Jump Start after school programs not only provide educational and emotional enrichment, but give children a safe place to be nurtured and mentored.

Goals of Jump Start

  • Establish and maintain positive long term relationships with children and provide support for their families.
  • Improve academic performance in reading, language arts and math for students who are low performing, at risk of failure, or failing.
  • Strengthen the health and wellness of children who participate in the after school program.
  • Enhance student’s enrichment opportunities by providing a broad array of age-appropriate, student-driven, high interest learning opportunities.
  • Provide information, educational resources, and activities to families that will enhance youth and adult learning.
  • Create opportunities for children to grow in their character and faith.

Enrichment Activities

These are some examples of activities we have offered in our programs to enhance the learning process and encourage health and wellness at our sites.

Basketball Clinics Dance Classes Science Projects Soccer
Character/Life Skills Arts Projects Acting Classes Photography


Summer Bridge Program

During the summer break, students do not have many opportunities for supplemental learning and, most of all, having fun in a safe environment. NHCDC runs a summer bridge program for families that provides a dynamic low cost program for kids. This private low cost fee-based program offers classes in reading, math and basic life skills/character development training. In addition the Summer Bridge Program offers sports training such as basketball clinics, dance classes, and basic arts and recreational enrichment.

This program offers an optional faith-based mentoring component that is informal and engaging. We encourage kids to ask life questions and encourage them to discover those answers through prayer, looking into scripture, and engaged discussions with trusted mentors. Questions such as: “Why should I forgive those who hurt me?” “Was I created for something more?” “How do I handle problems constructively?”